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colosseum underground passageway by night
Private Tour

Colosseum by night

Romantic colosseum by night VIP tour

Let yourself be embraced by the starred darkness of Colosseum silent ruins and live again the same unique emotions felt by the illustrious travelers who came right here during the nights of past centuries and found in the collapsing amphitheater an eternal source for inspiration, giving birth to touching poems, literature pearls and art masterpieces. Our expert guide will lead you on the footsteps of William Turner, Johann Wolfgang von Goethe, Lord Byron and other brilliant visitors, daring a journey through the shadows of the Colosseum history and exploring its underground corridors and the re-built arena. Finally, you’ll climb up from the first to the second rings, from where you’ll overlook from the Belvedere Valadier terrace, admiring the stunning scenery presented by Rome in the moonlight.

2.5 hours
Archaeologist guide
Private tour
  • Gems included

    Arena Floor
    Colosseum underground
    Belvedere Valadier terrace
    Reading of poems
    Multimedia equipment to experience Art
    Via Sacra (Sacred Way)
    Privileged view of Rome at night
    Arch of Constantine
  • Tailored in-depth experience

    This is a completely private tour, so you will have a personal guide just for you and your party, available to answer to all your questions.
  • Customizable

    The tour can be adapted to the traveller's needs and requests.
  • Skip-the-line admission tickets

    The tour includes tickets so you won’t waste any of your precious time in superfluous queues. Relax, we’ll take care of everything!
  • Top-rated specialist guide

    You’ll be accompanied by one of our super selected guides who are fluent in English and, what’s most important, true expert in their field of knowledge thanks to a serious academic background. They’re Italian locals living in Rome, so they have not only a contagious passion for Rome, but they know their hometown in all its aspects, so they can reveal to you all the hidden gems and let you live the city as well in the most immersing and fascinating way. In this case, the tour will be especially guided by a real graduated archaeologist who has a strong university preparation and also an official license as a tour guide, gained through a specific and competitive training path.
  • Equipment

    We recommend the use of comfortable shoes for the long walking paths. On rainy days, especially in fall and winter seasons, bring jackets (better if waterproof) to be worn in the underground or more humid areas and umbrellas for the open-air spaces. In sunny days, especially in spring and summer seasons, we also recommend the use of hats or any other sunshades because there are wide areas without any shades. A flashlight could turn out to be useful, especially to gain a better visibility in some more dark passageways during this Colosseum by night tour.
  • Accessibility

    This is an inclusive guided tour designed with love, maximum care and special attention to every people with special mobility needs. The walking path is thoughtfully studied to cause the least possible inconvenience, nevertheless some sections of the archaeological sites could be characterized by narrow spaces or uneven surfaces, being more difficult to access for wheelchairs or strollers. But, we will do our utmost to help you and make your experience pleasant. Feel free to contact us for any specific requests, so we can design the perfect tailored private tour specifically for your needs.

Tour Plan


Arena floor


Colosseum underground


First level


Second level


Belvedere Valadier terrace


Arch of Constantine


Via Sacra (Sacred Way)


Ancient Rome panorama

Where to meet our guide

You will agree with us upon the best meeting point, and we will provide you with details map, directions and photos of the place.

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