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EXHIBITIONS: Canova. Eternal Beauty (Museo di Roma until March 3 2020) - Pompei e Santorini (Scuderie del Quirinale until January 6 2020) - Aquileia 2200 (Museo dell'Ara Pacis until December 01 2019) - Valadier. Splendore nella Roma del '700 (Galleria Borghese until February 2 2020)

ancient busts in front of the ara pacis

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This ultimate bible-guide will explain all the complete tips and tricks to visit the Colosseum and provide you with the lesser known story and art details of the iconic amphitheater.

All about tickets and tours
Colosseum description
Colosseum gladiators and games

Let yourself be blown away by the hidden masterpieces of art and unique history beyond usual food spots, restaurants and nightlife in Trastevere evocative neighborhood.

Best times and days to visit Trastevere
Food and drinks in Trastevere
The historic “Festa de’ Noantri”

Use this smart guide featuring practical information and historic explanations as your handy key to best explore the two thousand-years beating heart of Rome.

Tickets and fees
Where are the entrances located
What did the site look like in Ancient Rome

Get ready your sensitivity to fully experience the enormous heritage of this special neighborhood, learning about its religious, artistic and Kosher values.

Jewish Ghetto Synagogue
Ancient Roman monuments in the Jewish Ghetto
Kosher restaurants and historic sites