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EXHIBITIONS: Canova. Eternal Beauty (Museo di Roma until March 3 2020) - Pompei e Santorini (Scuderie del Quirinale until January 6 2020) - Aquileia 2200 (Museo dell'Ara Pacis until December 01 2019) - Valadier. Splendore nella Roma del '700 (Galleria Borghese until February 2 2020)

panoramic view of roman forum and altare della patria from the palatine hill


Disclosing the authentic soul of Rome. In your own way.

1 - We meet travelers, every day.

Living Rome every day as Italian locals, we have realized that, in the most recent years, Rome for visitors has increasingly become a dispersive tour-supermarket contaminated of tourist traps. Instead of deservedly receive accurate information, the traveler is left alone either in front of the choice of a reliable tour offer, realizing in most cases to have extra-paid something which is definitively inflated, or in front of the autonomous challenge of facing the wild labyrinth of the Eternal City without any trustworthy point of reference, ending up in tiredness, frustration and disappointment. But time and often money are limited, so you should make the most of your once-in-a-life-time experience!

2 - What we can do to help

Here comes, aimed at helping the travelers to become wisely guided or well-equipped independent visitors in Rome, in particular:

  • Enabling them to self-experience any aspect of the authentic soul of Rome, following nothing else but their interests, curiosity, wishes and any practical need as time or difficulties on the go, without being tied down to anybody else;
  • Offering them just real once-in-life-experience, allowing them to take the maximum advantage of their travel budget, wisely investing it just for what actually counts;
  • Preventing them falling in mean tourist traps, providing all the appropriate and specific information about what is really worthy to see and to do in the city, alone, in couple or in groups, to really experience the authentic life in Rome as true Romans!

3 - What you’ll love about Itinerome

  • Self-guided visit kits.
    We want technology to be at the service of culture (not viceversa), so let’s use it in a useful way;
  • In-depth guided tours.
    We’ve carefully designed and crafted them with all of our knowledge and passion;
  • Italian locals support.
    We can welcome you here and advise you in spending the right amount of money for a real Roman experience.
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